Before the storm: Pre-Cloudforce photos

We took a tour around the Cloudforce conference floor this morning to check out the facilities before events really start to get under way tomorrow. There’s a kind of a feel of ‘electricity’ in the air — like the calm before a storm :)

In the poster here you can see Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands — a brand new (and stunning) integrated resort which was recently constructed at a cost of S$8 billion. It houses Singapore’s second casino.

Preparing the main hall for tomorrow’s keynote speeches.

The Raffles City Convention Center has a classic feel — yet it’s pretty massive.

Looks like the conference presentation system is running Mac OS X.

Was this chair receiving divine attention? Or were they just testing the lighting system?

Stacks of chairs waiting to be laid out. We don’t envy the convention center’s staff their hard labour — but we thank them for it ;)

These official entrance pillars emit a slight glow, casting a blue ambience.

A separate hall will house a stack of partners. Google has a particularly large booth.

But the biggest booth — in the centre of the room — belongs to

This ornate room is where attendees will gather for morning tea.

All the cups have been lined up like little toy soldiers ready for battle.

A lot of space for registering attendees! But nobody has arrived yet. All the action will start tomorrow morning.


About Renai LeMay
Writer + technologist, but not sure in which order any more. I work for strategic ICT consultancy @ctogroup. In the past I was a journalist + political staffer.

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