Poetry in motion at Cloudforce

Sometimes professional photographers can really capture the essence of a person if they take *just* the right shot, at just the right angle, when that person isn’t really watching — and I think this happened yesterday :)

A stack of photos taken by Salesforce.com’s event photographer at the Cloudforce media briefings yesterday have been posted on the official Salesforce.com Asia-Pacific Flickr account — and I think some of them are just stunning. Here are some of my favourites.

I like this photo of Lien Foundation’s chief executive Lee Poh Wah, because I feel you can see the passion for his cause just rolling off him. He really cares about Lien’s mission to bring about a better world.


In this more measured shot of Altium chief information officer Alan Perkins, you can see the more measured approach that a top-level IT role requires — Perkins is a scientific thinker and although he is also quite passionate, he has a very level head.


Here you can see the Toby Koh, managing director of Ademco. I could tell from watching him speak and interviewing him later on that Koh is a fun-loving guy — he loves to laugh and enjoy life. But he is also very serious about his company and has a driving energy as an entrepreneur.


And finally, I loved this photo of Salesforce.com director of Platform Research Peter Coffee. Coffee is direct, energetic and to the point. His speech yesterday was filled me biting quotes that made the audience laugh while also taking their understanding about technology forward. You’re guaranteed to walk away from any conversation with Coffee with your grey matter feeling stimulated.


About Renai LeMay
Writer + technologist, but not sure in which order any more. I work for strategic ICT consultancy @ctogroup. In the past I was a journalist + political staffer.

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