A new beginning

When we launched Cloudtopia several months ago, its aim was simple — to cover Salesforce.com’s Cloudforce customer conference in Singapore. And the conference went off without a hitch, although there were some tired Salesforce.com staff afterwards — we particularly liked our photo of director of Platform Research Peter Coffee. It was a big week!

But what we found through the conference was that we started a conversation with Cloudtopia — a conversation around cloud computing. And once they’ve been started, conversations are not easy to stop.

So that’s why we’re going to keep that conversation rolling.

Starting today, Cloudtopia is going to continue publishing. We’re going to bring you the best stories — as well as podcasts and videos — about cloud computing from right around the Asia-Pacific region.

Of course, because the blog has been set up by Salesforce.com, it will continue to have a strong Salesforce.com focus. But it will also bring you stories about other cloud computing companies, and it won’t be full of press releases and marketing hype. We’re aiming to bring you stories about real people that are having their business changed in a positive way by cloud computing — as well as examining challenging issues that stand in the way towards its adoption.

We’re not going to look away from the hard stuff.

Firstly, let’s get some housekeeping out of the way. Who’s going to be writing this thing?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name’s Nathan Statz, and I’m a senior writer for LeMay & Galt Media, a company based out of Sydney and run by Renai LeMay, who helped launch Cloudtopia. We’re working with Salesforce.com on the blog, and I’ll be your guide through this conversation.

You can contact me by:

  • Email: nathan@lemayandgalt.com
  • Telephone: +612 8011 4376
  • Twitter: @sephyre

So what have we been reading recently in order to start thinking about as we prepared for the rebirth of Cloudtopia?

For starters we’ve been thinking about that everpresent debate — the definition of cloud computing. Berkely’s Above the Cloud paper published in 2009 has been useful here, although the cheeky souls at Slashdot also had a stab :) Then we’ve been checking out the latest customer news — especially the Obama administration’s enthusiasm for cloud.

Anyway, that’s enough for us for now — stay tuned for more cloud coming over the next week and beyond!

Image credit: Jefferson Noguera, royalty free


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