The highest common denominator

Stephen Morse is the Vice President of Sales Engineering for in the Asia Pacific region.

A few months back, I was engaged in a very insightful CIO round table in Australia discussing with over a dozen industry executives how the state of IT has been changed forever. High on the agenda was a chat about the rise of cloud computing as in the face of a new IT reality where organisations must be prepared to do more with less — and better — than ever before.

The most exciting thing — from my perspective — to come from these discussions was the dawning realization that a public cloud computing solution delivers the highest common denominator of benefits.

Now I am not talking about math fractions — I am speaking of the direct opposite of the common phrase ‘lowest common denominator.’ When you think about it, a customer’s solution is only as good as its current status and suffers from the limitations of that release — until such time as money is spent to upgrade or patch it.
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