Altium CIO Alan Perkins: Video interview

We didn’t quite get this video ready in time for the last post, but we also interviewed Altium chief information officer Alan Perkins — whose company is a very heavy user of, about what he thinks about the company’s services, what he likes, and what can do better.

Alan’s a great guy — and he’ll talk tech until the cows come home, so we had to cut down the interview a little ;)


Poetry in motion at Cloudforce

Sometimes professional photographers can really capture the essence of a person if they take *just* the right shot, at just the right angle, when that person isn’t really watching — and I think this happened yesterday :)

A stack of photos taken by’s event photographer at the Cloudforce media briefings yesterday have been posted on the official Asia-Pacific Flickr account — and I think some of them are just stunning. Here are some of my favourites.

I like this photo of Lien Foundation’s chief executive Lee Poh Wah, because I feel you can see the passion for his cause just rolling off him. He really cares about Lien’s mission to bring about a better world.


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