Projections by the park

The crowd gathers for Chris Morris’ keynote

It was a packed house at IDC’s cloud computing conference at the Sheraton on the Park in Sydney. Overlooking the Australian version of Hyde Park, scores of C-level executives enjoyed finger food and endless cups of strong coffee before trudging off to a keynote speech by Chris Morris, IDC’s cloud computing guru for the Asia Pacific region.

Morris’ oratory was clearly well rehearsed, so much so that he even referred to the fact he has given the talk in several different countries. Having been to dozens of these types of events over the years, it was a note-worthy moment to see that nobodies eyes glazed over when the definition of cloud computing was raised.

One of the big attention-grabbing statements to come from Morris’ address, was the idea that we have seen the peak of email usage, with the future going to be focused on the rise of collaborative platforms.

This type of rhetoric isn’t all that new, The Wall Street Journal prophesized it in 2009,and many others then had a stab at the concept, including Gizmodo.
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