Homeless people and cloud computing… what?

Have you ever passed a homeless person in the street and tried to ignore that slightly guilty pang that ripples down your spine at their unfortunate plight? I have, particularly when passing people armed with carboard signs and McDonalds cups half full of loose change.

Despite the fact I do not reach into my pockets for the assorted beggars along Sydney’s iconic George Street, I still like to believe I am a good-natured individual and give where I can, particularly if I pass a vendor spruiking the latest edition of The Big Issue.

Quite a few years ago, I was delivering a soap-box style speech to my house mates about how the government should do more for those unfortunate people who are never sure where they were going to sleep that night. My oration was greeted with a few commiserating nods as we assured ourselves that our federal legislators needed to step up and deliver — though one dissenting voice belonging to my friend Andrew Geelen told me to put up or shut up, and outlined that if if everyone in Sydney donated one hour of their time per month we could practically wipe out homelessness. A bold claim and most likely not accurate, however it did inspire me to go put in a few hours at Teresa House where Mr Gheelan volunteered.

I lasted all of one month before I packed it in as being too hard.
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