Talking cloud with Sumeet Vaid

Sumeet Vaid, founder and CEO of Freedom Financial Planners.

You can dissect and analyse a technology down to the tiniest detail, but unless you actually get your hands dirty you will never truly understand the software space. Which is why Cloudtopia had a chat with Sumeet Vaid, founder and CEO of Ffreedom Financial Partners in India — to find out how cloud computing is making a difference to daily business life.

Nathan Statz

What cloud computing technology does your business utilise?

Sumeet Vaid:

In india it is almost negligible in terms of the presence itself, it doesn’t happen the way it does in New Zealand, Australia and some of the other developed markets.

For this kind of a process, for what we are trying to do, we needed a strong technology platform which will do complete customer lifecycle management. This is not about CRM, rather its about customer life cycle management.

(What we have is) equivalent to hosting the complete business on the cloud. The cloud solution that we are using today is a combination of from and (we also use) Google.


What difference has the adoption of that technology made in terms of cost savings and productivity for your business?


A huge difference, we chartered over a year back and today we have close to 24 members. For us, what cloud did is it has converted our capital expenditure into operational expenditure. It’s great you know — from a startup point of view — as i am not investing up front. I’m not trying to go and invest huge into technology. What we have done is we have created a 3 member technology team which is trained on cloud both with and Google itself. What we are realising about cloud is it is not about coding, its about clicks. And that is very empowering.
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