Welcome to Cloudtopia!

Like the birth of a human being, the birth of a new blog is always an interesting and formative time.

The first posts always reflect a certain insecurity about the blog’s own existence. It opens its eyes to the world and starts to communicate. And yet like the newborn, nobody can really say just yet what exactly the blog’s character will come to be — what issues it will wrestle with, what personality it will take on as it grows older. The future is clouded — even mysterious.

As any new project takes life, however, there is always a great sense of hopeful optimism about what may come to occur; Which is exciting — like a clean, fresh, Spring morning.

In the case of this blog, Cloudtopia — which is launching today — we do know certain things which will shape its future.

Firstly, Cloudtopia has been set up by software as a service company Salesforce.com to help cover its Cloudforce conference being held at Singapore’s Raffles City Convention Center on the 25th of May — as well as associated events being held today (the 24th).

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